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Nov 04 2014 Sophie Tessier

_DSC4094-nef_1000px(R)_webOptimInterview with Michaela Riener, a young mezzosoprano from Austria, singing to make things coming out of her heart.


How did you decide to become a singer?

I started studying as a music teacher, I was a pianist actually in Vienna. I wanted to do a year somewhere, outside the piano. I was already singing, and started “singing pedagogies”. Then I came to the Hague for one year initially, I discovered “early music” there. I was still studying piano and wondering whether it was the right thing for me. I did the entrance exam and they took me, so it was decided then! I stayed in the Hague and finished my studies of classical music singing and early music singing. I started to sing a contemporary repertoire during my studies, it had to do with the sort of voice I have because it is rather straight and non-vibrato. Through singing, I can communicate something which I can’t communicate in any other way. Even when I was playing the piano, I couldn’t communicate the same things. It is more personal, it comes really out of your heart, your body.

When I was still in Vienna, I never imagined becoming a performer. And when I came to the Hague, through the conservatory, through knowing people and teachers who passed by, I already worked, which was nice because it was not such a cut when I finished my studies. It was kind of fluently going from the studies to working.


How did you meet Silbersee and Romain Bischoff?

Audition. I knew them since quite a time because when you do contemporary music, you know them.


How did you react when Romain first told you about Daral Shaga?

I read the description and it was so actual. That’s heavy but it’s good to do something about that because many people are talking about it, it’s a heavy matter and it matters. I feel concerned about it. I was also impressed and touched by the book Eldorado.


How was the creation? How did it go?

The work was really easy, it is so interesting when you get to know the group which is formed here and how it works together when people come together. I’ve had a lot of experiences like this and this was really easy. I have been working with dancers before and I have always admired what they do, what they are able to express with their bodies, like acrobats, it is just fantastic! And expressing something together at the end, it is great.


© Photo Hubert Amiel

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