The company100


Jun 11 2010 Sophie Tessier


To take this circus elsewhere. Elsewhere, which is to say somewhere the spectator is not expecting. An undiscovered place. An unknown feeling.


To bring together acrobats and musicians, acrobats and choreographers, an ingenious builder and a director. To join a range of artists who are ready to take part in the adventure that is a creation without wishing to impose their own technique.


To renew the circus apparatus, to explore its possibilities beyond the accomplishment of the perfect figure. To delve into the known to retrieve the singular.


To tell. Without guiding the spectator in a down-to-earth story. To translate through one or other acrobatic act, light or violent, small or grandiose, a view of one or other everyday act, harmful or harmless, damnable or praiseworthy.


To put to music, to give it particular attention. A lively music, played on stage, in order to inspire, respond, suggest.


To be ambitious, to occupy the stages, to build a monumental circus apparatus. And to dare to gather a group. To be plural, to be many, to get as close as possible to our frailties, emotions and longings.


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