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Mar 31 2015 Sophie Tessier

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Vibrant oratorio about exile

Eva Sala, L’écho 20140926


This dream of exile, both actual and timeless, intertwines different arts with harmony and emotion, to create a powerful and universal tale that aims at giving voices to the clandestine, and praising their courage and determination. (…)

At the very heart of these arts, the superb, poetic and extremely powerful libretto by the French writer Laurent Gaudé, tells in a spirited contemporary prose the physical and moral violence, the indignation, the inhumanity the illegal suffer from daily.

A melody of unhappiness, alternating between gentleness, vibration and rhythm, that rises in intensity over the three acts and eighteen scenes of this amazing creation, to make you shiver.

An emotion emphasised by the portés and aerobatics performed by the five acrobats from Feria Musica – a circus company directed by Philippe de Coen – metaphors of this multitude of bodies mistreated when they are facing the wall of freedom or the wall of imprisonment.

Circus is acquiring all its universal and artistic dimension, and brings to opera all its modernity.

The whole is really beautiful, we feel stunned by the original imbrication of arts and the artistic strength arising. Masterful.





Daral Shaga, successful triple sommersault for the first circus opera

Siegfried Forster, RFI


Movements and circus gestures express wonderfully the soul’s jumps and the strength of the illusion of those who tackle this insurmountable wall that leaves them away from this much desired other world.





A circus wonder at the opera

Stéphane Capron,


Fabrice Murgia completely modernises the genre. His images are as usual splendid, he manages to mix the music, the singing, the video poetry with amazing circus acts. A hard-hitting show that rejuvenates the genre. All the cast has successfully created a unique atmosphere in an opera house and it is good to see.



Daral Shaga or the burning beauty of the tragedy and the hope of the exiled

Laurent Bourdelas, France Bleu


Daral Shaga tells every wall, every frontier, since ever: the Limes of the Roman Empire, the Berlin Wall, the “security” fence built by Israel, the wall between Mexico and the USA… those that divide the wealthy and the aliens, the barbarians… Our brothers. The ones the audience can face when they are walking in the auditorium.

In the beauty of the lights designed by Emily Brassier, the dynamic combination of images and vision angles, the confrontation between words, songs and music, the great acrobats show the energy, the desire of those who move forward and forward, with the risk of twisting themselves on the chains and the iron (magnificent prowess), those who climb incessantly to take to storming the world and who will be the salt of the earth.

Daral Shaga, as a global artistic project, is an aesthetic and significant success.





Daral Shaga: a brilliant take-off

Marie-Noëlle Robert, Le-Populaire-du-Centre-021014


A complete show, impressively achieved.

What is extraordinary in this work is the unique, the unprecedented part performed by the acrobats from the Belgian company Feria Musica who give life with all their body to the chains and the walls, the bars and the precipices. They sublimate breathtakingly the emotions that images and words can not underline: the violence, the fall, the void, the flight of outstretched hands and the desire to live beyond the grids, beyond death.


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