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Infundibulum (2009)

Jun 11 2009 Sophie Tessier


Swallowed up by the “infundibulum”, a giant funnel with wooden slopes, the acrobats and musicians enter into the depths of a sartorial and sensual subconscious. It is as if a man had laid out his entire wardrobe, a wardrobe made up of souvenirs and haunted by a series of mysterious characters: ghosts or puppets, both loved and scorned. They bond, disappear, come together, posing for ephemeral pictures, joined in an undefined quest.


Their acrobatics serve a mad scientist’s creation, a stubborn and exhausting machinery. The music unfolds tirelessly, enveloping their leaps and suspensions within a single bubble. But their fall is inevitable, as if the circus apparatus – the pole, pulley and juggling balls – had been set out to trap these obstinate dreamers.


Any attempt to escape or break free is bound to fail – until the final leap.


Set in motion by Mauro Paccagnella, this raging yet tender ballet brings together 8 acrobats and 3 musicians against the background of a monumental stage design, a structure made of wood and metal suspended at the back of the stage. A unique acrobatic and choreographic language is outlined along its vertiginous slopes. A series of pictures unfolds, fragments of our collective memory and subjective subconscious, somewhere between the real and the imaginary, madness and fragility. Infundibulum is a surprisingly unsettling and moving show, which avoids the grandiose and focuses on the intimate. Losing the way would mean following its path.








Choreography and direction Mauro Paccagnella

Artistic direction Philippe de Coen

Artistic advisor Anne Ducamp

Musical direction Olivier Thomas

Stage design Anne Ducamp, Philippe de Coen, Bruno Renson

Creativity and construction Bruno Renson

Technical director and sound Nicolas Haber

Lighting Philippe Baste, Serge Simon, Gaëtan van den Berg

Costumes Françoise Van Thienen, Marie Nils

Light technician Serge Simon

Assistant stage manager Luis Vergara Santiago

Stage manager Pierre Robelin

Circus and dance trainers Yuri Sakalov, Alessandro Bernardeschi, Foucault Falguerolles

Administration Leïla Di Gregorio

Production and développement Céline Maufra

Tours and communication Sophie Tessier

Acrobats Mathieu Antajan, Anke Bucher, Loïc Faure, Julien Fournier, Pascale Loiseau, Jean-Pierre Pagliari, Thomas Perrier, Anne Pribat.

Took part to the creation : François Dethor, Elise Legros et Kiluangi Runge.

Musicians Marc Anthony (vielle à roue électroacoustique), Olivier Hestin (percussions), Adrien Lambinet / Dree Peremans (trombone).


Show produced by Feria Musica asbl, in coproduction with l’Agora, scène conventionnée de Boulazac (F) • Charleroi/danses, PBA+EDEN (B) • Le Cirque-Théâtre d’Elbeuf (F) • La Coursive, scène nationale de La Rochelle (F) • Le Cratère, scène nationale d’Alès (F) • l’Espace des Arts, scène nationale de Chalon-sur-Saône (F) • La Maison de la Culture de Tournai/ PLÔT (B/F) • Le Phénix, scène nationale de Valenciennes (F) • Le Sémaphore, scène conventionnée de Cébazat (F)

With the support of Ministère de la Communauté française Wallonie Bruxelles (Direction générale de la Culture, Service général des Arts de la scène, service du Cirque), de la Loterie Nationale, de la Fondation BNP-Paribas et des Halles de Schaerbeek, Bruxelles. With the help of Trapèze asbl.

Special thanks to : Benoît Louis, Luke Vanstiphout, Centre communautaire de Joli Bois (B), la Roseraie (B).


© Photos Guy Baudoin, Antoinette Chaudron, Amandine Dooms, Stéphanie Friedli, Frédéric Latinis

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